Open iWork Documents on Android devices

For most of the Android users their phone is their office and they perform all their official documents on the go. Creation of documents, preparing PowerPoint and spreadsheet is done without any hitches because generally the screen of the Android phones are quite big enough to perform all these activities. The brain behind all of this is the iWork which is created by Apple and it is due to this application set that PowerPoint, spreadsheet and other presentations can be prepared in Android device. Now, for the new users it become very important that they know the procedure to open iWork Documents on Android devices.

Free of cost adds up to the attraction

As the iWork has been made free now therefore it becomes all the more interesting to explore all the features that it has to offer. When the application charges are waived then automatically people gets more interested in the usage of that app but to open iWork Documents on Android devices can be a headache if you do not know much about this application. Many users think that as it has almost the same features like that of the Microsoft Office therefore the operation will also be the same and they can easily use the iWork documents and carry on with their work. But though it has quite similar features but it works differently.

 Steps to open iWork Documents on Android devices –  

Flash Player of photon

  • Once the download is completed go ahead and install it.
  • The browser that you have installed before, open it up and select Settings icon and then go to “Browser” and click on User Agent.

Open iWork Documents on Android devices

  • You will be asked to choose from various options that comes up and there you need to select “Safari”.
  • Now go on top and you will find an icon which looks like lightning click on that to activate Flash.
  • Once you complete all the above mentioned steps you will have to visit iCloud website.
  • The iCloud page will appear and there you have to login with the Apple credentials that you have.


  • Now select Pages and it will open up the pages documents.
  • Double click is required to open up the document.
  • Here you will be able to do all your editing, sharing, and printing or even downloading the copy of the document you have crated in the Pages or the Word Format or PDF format.
  • In the same way if you want access to Numbers then you can follow the same steps that you followed for Pages and it will take you straight to numbers where you can carry on with your editing, printing, sharing or downloading the file copy in Numbers, Excel format or PDF format.


There is a limitation too. iWork documents comes up with error message every time you try to open Keynote. The reason cited for this is that it is in beta so there are some hitches around this process as of now but that will be resolved soon. Now work with Pages and Numbers and follow the steps to open iWork Documents on Android devicesSo by usi ng all above steps now you are able to Open iWork Documents on Android devices. Please feel free to drop comments below the post.


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